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Version 7.06, 14 May 2024
  • Better support for admin dark mode, and CSS support for front end tables in dark mode.
Version 7.05, 20 March 2024
  • Fixed a PHP deprecation warning for stacked bar charts with decimal X labels.
Version 7.04, 9 January 2024
  • Fixed a problem accessing the user variables in Joomla 3.
Version 7.03, 4 January 2024
  • Fixed an error when saving a chart with a blank height.
Version 7.02, 7 December 2023
  • There was an error showing the chart list in version 7.01 in some configurations.
Version 7.01, 6 December 2023
  • There was an error in version 7.00 when accessing an external database in Joomla 3.
Version 7.00, 5 December 2023
  • This version works in Joomla 5 without the compatibility plugin.
  • The minimum Joomla version is now 3.10.
  • Auto-refresh no longer works for old versions of the Plotalot plugin (<6.03).
Version 6.31, 19 October 2023
  • Fixes for compatibility with Joomla 5.
Version 6.30, 29 September 2023
  • There's a new "Compact mode" option for the Joomla 4 admin interface, which is useful on laptops.
  • Fix for a warning in PHP 8.2.
Version 6.29, 30 June 2023
  • There's a new Component Option to open charts for editing without generating the chart.
  • The default chart list sort order is now ID descending, showing the most recently created chart at the top.
Version 6.28, 25 March 2023
  • Sample charts were not installed in Joomla 4.
Version 6.27, 28 February 2023
  • Fixes for warnings in PHP 8.2.
Version 6.26, 6 January 2023
  • Plotalot can now plot data directly from HTTP sources. Please see the user guide for details.
Version 6.25, 15 December 2022
  • Plotalot can now plot data directly from CSV files. Please see the user guide for details.
Version 6.24, 20 September 2022
  • Timezone handling in version 6.23 was not quite consistent with previous versions. This version fixes that.
Version 6.23, 10 September 2022
  • The front end CSS file is now not overwritten by a software upgrade. Please see the CSS section of the user guide.
  • Fixes for warnings in PHP 8.1.
Version 6.22, 8 August 2022
  • Plotalot and Responsive tables can now have a row number column like Google tables.
  • A change to support custom file naming for PNG image downloads by the plugin. As a result, PNG image downloading will no longer work for plugin versions prior to 6.09.
  • Some minor cosmetic fixes in Joomla 4.
Version 6.21, 20 May 2022
  • Charts can now have a specific locale, overriding the globally set locale.
  • If you use the component menu view to use charts, the URL "view" parameter is removed in Joomla 4.
  • Some cosmetic fixes in Joomla 4.
Version 6.20, 17 January 2022
  • New chart type: Annotation Chart.
  • Calendar chart is now visible in the chart editor in Joomla 4.
Version 6.19, 11 October 2021
  • There's now a "Design pattern" option for line and bar charts, which allows you to experiment with the new "Material Design" charts. Please see the latest user guide for more information.
  • The calendar chart editor preview has been disabled in Joomla 4 because it hangs the browser tab. We'll try to find a solution for this in a future release but for now you, if you develop calendar charts in Joomla 4, you'll need to preview them using a front-end view.
  • Table totals now work with formatted column values, provided the correct separators are specified in the totals column list.
  • The default thousands separator for table totals has been changed from comma to none. If you want comma thousands separators you must now explicitly specify that.
Version 6.18, 9 June 2021
  • Plotalot and Responsive tables can now have an extra row showing grand totals. Please see "Table Totals" in the "Tables" section of the latest user guide.
Version 6.17, 13 April 2021
  • There is now a Component Option to set the required Google Charts API Version. Since the release of API version 50 on the 11th of April 2021, some users are seeing error messages instead of charts. With this version you can set the API version to 49 as a temporary solution. Please see this page for more information.
Version 6.16, 27 March 2021
  • Version 6.15 did not correctly resolve plugin variable default values. This has been fixed.
Version 6.15, 17 March 2021
  • The "skip factor" algorithm which prevents excessive data being sent to the client device has been made slightly less aggressive which may improve the accuracy of some charts. It now always includes the first and last data points.
  • Nulls in text columns are now fixed to an empty string instead of the text 'null'.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented creation of a new database record in PHP 8.
  • Several fixes for Joomla 4 Beta 7.
Version 6.14, 25 January 2021
  • Another small adjustment to column type determination where nulls are present in the dataset.
Version 6.13, 16 January 2021
  • In previous versions, any null value in an otherwise numeric column resulted in the column being treated as a string type column. This was unintentional. Now, null values in an otherwise numeric column result in the column being numeric.
Version 6.12, 6 November 2020
  • There is a new component option to hide the sample charts in the chart list.
  • Fixes for Joomla 4 Beta 4.
Version 6.11, 13 July 2020
  • Fix for an error in the installer for old versions of MySql.
  • Fixes for Joomla 4 Beta 1
Version 6.10, 26 May 2020
  • New global configuration option to set the locale used by the Google Charts Library, which affects the formatting of values such as currencies, dates, and numbers.
Version 6.09, 19 March 2020
  • Geochart now supports extra columns .
  • Slight change to the "flickering tooltip" CSS fix. The previous fix prevented plot highlighting when hovering over a legend.
Version 6.08, 9 March 2020
  • Plotalot now supports the Calendar chart.
  • Support for removal of the eval() Javascript call in version 6.01 of the plugin.
  • CSS fix for "flickering tooltips".
  • This version of the component maintains compatibility with version 6.00 of the plugin. You do NOT have to upgrade the plugin.
Version 6.07, 16 January 2020
  • The Extra Javascript field did not allow some characters valid in Javascript.
  • The component back end now supports Joomla access control.
Version 6.06, 4 November 2019
  • Gantt chart is now supported.
Version 6.05, 19 June 2019
  • The Google Charts API key was not included in Geo chart scripts, causing some Geo charts to fail.
Version 6.04, 23 May 2019
  • Extra Javascript can now be added to Google tables. The user guide has an example of adding a Formatter to provide custom formatting of a specific column.
  • For Google tables, the table editor now has a tab with the generated Javascript.
Version 6.03, 4 May 2019
  • Fix for a Javascript error in the chart editor when used in French due to a single quote in a French translation.
Version 6.02, 6 April 2019
  • Plotalot can now build responsive CSS tables.
  • Fixes for Joomla 4 Alpha 6.
Version 6.01, 25 October 2018
  • Fix for a bug introduced in version 6.00: Class names were not shown in the table editor.
Version 6.00, 10 October 2018
  • Plotalot now uses Google's new method of loading the Google Charts Library, which removes the console warning "A parser-blocking, cross site script is invoked via document.write". Unfortunately this means that this release of the component is not compatible with older versions of the Plotalot Plugin. You must upgrade to version 6 of the plugin when upgrading to version 6 (or later) of the component.
  • There are three new chart types: Org chart, Treemap, and Geochart, and two new legend options. The PNG download options have been simplified. Charts now have a notes field.
  • The chart list now has import and export buttons for saving and moving charts.
  • The chart editor has been re-designed to work better in Joomla 4.
  • The language files have been moved to the component directory, and the front end CSS file has been moved to the media directory.
  • This version supports Joomla 3.7.0 and above, and Joomla 4 (tested in Alpha 4).
Version 5.17, 9 March 2018
  • Fixed a very unusual problem with accented characters in column names on some servers.
Version 5.16, 3 February 2018
  • Now works with Joomla 4.00 alpha 1.
Version 5.15, 27 November 2017
  • Bug fix: For remote databases, the table prefix of the local site was used, not the prefix defined for the remote database. This has been fixed.
Version 5.14, 15 October 2017
  • Three bug fixes:
  • - When Fix Nulls was off, null values caused incorrect calculation of minimum and maximum plot values.
  • - A PHP notice error occurred for combo and candlestick charts if the first plot was disabled.
  • - The chart editor data and script tabs did not work correctly when one or more plots were disabled.
Version 5.13, 23 August 2017
  • You can now add a CSV download option to charts and Google tables, but you also need version 5.06 of the plugin for this to work.
  • There's a new Plotalot variable: %%J_CURRENT_DATE%%
  • Fix for a PHP notice error when running the Smart Search Indexer plugin and error reporting is on.
  • Fix for a rare character encoding issue in Plotalot tables.
Version 5.12, 28 May 2017
  • There is a new component option to enable multiple SQL queries. See the user guide for details.
  • The About page now shows the Plotalot Plugin status, if it is installed.
  • Re-coding of deprecated Joomla functions, in preparation for future Joomla versions.
  • The minimum Joomla version required is now 3.4.8.
Version 5.11, 20 December 2016
  • There is a new X axis date format option, "Custom Date", which allows you to enter a custom date format.
  • The component now supports executing the extra Javascript every time the plugin refreshes the chart.
Version 5.10, 9 December 2016
  • Fix for a PHP Notice error that could occur on some systems with version 5.09.
Version 5.09, 1 December 2016
  • Supports the improved tracing in version 5.04 of the plugin.
  • If you have purchased the plugin and entered your Purchase ID on the About page, the About page now shows your detailed transaction status and expiry date.
  • The search box on the chart list now searches for text anywhere in a chart definition, including the name, title, axis titles, sql, extra options, etc. Or you can enter a Chart ID to search for.
Version 5.08, 24 November 2016
  • Fix for a bug introduced in 5.05: If a plot of a multi-plot chart returned no rows, the chart generated an error for the empty plot instead of ignoring the empty plot and drawing the remaining plots.
Version 5.07, 22 November 2016
  • Fixed a bug that caused the install script to crash in some situations.
Version 5.06, 14 November 2016
  • Supports entry of the purchase ID (on the About page) for the Plotalot Plugin, enabling fully automatic updates of the Plugin. You'll need the latest version of the Plugin to take advantage of this feature.
  • Fix for incorrect handling of the Joomla tmp directory on Windows, where the tmp directory had an upper-case drive letter.
  • Fix for "Undefined offset" notice error if a Combo chart with a candlestick plot had less than 4 columns.
Version 5.05, 2 November 2016
  • There are no longer separate versions of the free and paid component (all the paid functions are in the plugin), and the X axis title restriction in the free version has been removed.
  • Support for the Joomla Update Notification System.
  • There is now an Extra Javascript field, giving the ability to support formatters and many other advanced features. See the latest user guide for an example.
  • Combo charts can now include candlestick plots, and can now hide individual legend entries.
  • Two minor bug fixes: The chart title colour was not saved; And in some cases when a plot returned no rows the error shown was "No plots enabled" when it should have been "No rows". These have both been fixed.
Version 5.04, 17 April 2016
  • Fix for a bug that prevented auto-refresh working properly for charts with date axes. Unfortunately this also required a change to the plugin. For auto-refresh to work properly with date axes, you must have (at least) version 5.04 of the component AND (at least) version 5.01 of the plugin. Note that there is no free version of 5.04 since the free version does not handle auto-refresh.
Version 5.03, 22 March 2016
  • Fixed a warning that occurred when running on PHP 7.
Version 5.02, 1 February 2016
  • The Y format selector can again be used to format the numeric values for pie charts (broken since 4.01).
Version 5.01, 20 January 2016
  • Fixed a bug, introduced in version 5.00, that prevented values being added to pie charts with values
  • Improved handling of special characters in chart and axis titles
Version 5.00, 14 January 2016
  • Joomla 2.5 is no longer supported. Version 4.05 will continue to be available for Joomla 2.5 users until the end of 2016.
  • External databases are now defined as separate re-usable objects.
  • Supports multiple database types, including MySql, MS SQL, Oracle, and SQLite.
  • Charts can now be organised into categories.
  • One new chart type: Candlestick.
  • The Timeline chart now supports the 'tooltip' extra column.
  • The Chart Editor now has separate tabs for the chart, data, and scripts.
  • Charts can now self-update using Ajax (with version 5 of the Plotalot Plugin).
  • There is a new version of the Plotalot Plugin for this release of the component. Version 4.x of the plugin can be used with version 5.x of the component subject to certain conditions. Please see the user guide for more details.
Version 4.05, 2 October 2015
  • This is the last release of Plotalot to support Joomla 2.5.
  • Charts drawn with the plugin can now include a link to a png image file. This only works when using the Plotalot Plugin version 4.03 (or later).
  • Changing null database values to "null" or 0 is now optional.
  • Plotalot tables now include thead and tbody tags
  • Pie charts now support extra columns (tooltip)
  • Fix for a rare UTF-8 data formatting problem
Version 4.04, 1 March 2015
  • Added support for the style role
  • Google table columns are now numeric for numeric data columns, so that they sort properly.
Version 4.03, 6 October 2014
  • Another new chart type: Combo charts.
Version 4.02, 18 August 2014
  • Axis limits for gauges can now be SQL queries
  • Tooltip columns can now include html. The latest user guide has an example.
Version 4.01, 18 April 2014
  • A new chart type: Bubble chart.
  • If a chart contains more than one plot and one of the plots returns no data, the chart is still drawn. In version 4, the chart was not drawn.
  • The Copy button on the chart list has been replaced by a "Save as Copy" button in the chart editors.
  • The chart editor now has much better customisation of the fields enabled for each chart type.
  • The chart editor "autocomplete off" option has been fixed to handle browsers that disregard the html autocomplete="off" attribute.
  • The chart list now has a "Clear cache" button to clear the Plotalot plugin cache.
  • The German language file has been brought up to date.
  • There is now an option to use the experimental version of the Visualization API.
  • Fixed: The % formatting option had stopped working due to an API change.
Version 4.00, 17 February 2014
  • Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 are no longer supported.
  • A new chart type: Timeline (Gantt) chart.
  • Extra columns with specified roles are now supported.
  • Date values now include time data, resulting in much smoother graphs where the data values include times.
  • There is a new X axis date format, dd mon
  • If you use the Plotalot plugin you must upgrade to version 4 of the plugin for compatibility with version 4 of the component. Older versions of the plugin will not work with version 4 of the component.

Older history has been removed.