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Simple Responsive Menu Pro is an enhanced version of our popular free menu module, Simple Responsive Menu.

The differences are:

  • The pro version can use text, an image, or a CSS hamburger as the mobile menu button.
  • The mobile menu is fully stylable with CSS, instead of a simple select list.
  • The pro version supports the "new window" menu options, which is not possible with the basic version.

Simple Responsive Menu Pro has two modes:

  • Dual menu mode, where a single SRMP module renders a standard Joomla vertical menu and the special mobile menu. This page is an example of SRMP in dual menu mode.
  • Single menu mode, where SRMP only renders the mobile menu, and another module renders the desktop menu. The rest of this site uses DJ Menu to provide the horizontal top menu, and SRMP to provide the mobile menu.

In mobile mode, clicking the hamburger opens a smaller version of the menu, styled by one of the supplied CSS files. You can configure the screen width where the switch takes place. There's a choice of hamburger icons, or you can use your own, or use a text button.

Simple Responsive Menu Pro has a choice of four styles for the mobile menu, or you can make your own.

Buy Simple Responsive Menu Pro

You can take Simple Responsive Menu Pro for a more extensive test drive on any of our demo sites, for example the FlexiContact Plus demo site. You can use it on as many sites as you want, for as long as you like. It will be updated from time to time to add new features and options, or for compatibility with new versions of Joomla, so we offer several different subscriptions. All include support.

Simple Responsive Menu works in Joomla 3.10, all versions of Joomla 4, and Joomla 5 with or without the backward compatibility plugin.
Simple Responsive Menu Pro User GuideVersion 3.00
Simple Responsive Menu Pro ModuleVersion 3.00