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Payage manages payments and payment gateways, seamlessly integrating Joomla e-commerce applications with any number of payment gateways.


Want a flexible contact form that doesn't need an annoying captcha to prevent spam? Check out our popular free FlexiContact or its big brother, FlexiContact Plus. The user guides explain how to prevent spam without using a captcha.


MediaShop manages paid or free downloads of software, documents, music, or any other type of file. All free and paid downloads on this site are managed by MediaShop.


Eyesite keeps an eye on your website, alerting you by email if any files are added, changed, or deleted. Eyesite can't stop your site being hacked, but it alerts you promptly, and tells you exactly what was changed so that you can recover quickly and completely.


Rentalot and Rentalot Plus are rental management systems for holiday properties. Clients can search your properties to find those available on specific dates with specific features. With 'Plus, they can book and pay online.


Plotalot makes it easy to create live charts and place them on your site. You must be able to write the SQL queries to retrieve the data you want to plot, but if you can do that, Plotalot will take the data and use the Google Charts API to produce many different kinds of charts with numerous formatting options.


Our handy toolkit, LadKit, integrates a file manager, database manager, and several other tools into a single, useful component.

Simple Responsive Menu

Simple Responsive Menu and Simple Responsive Menu Pro are responsive vertical menus that simply replace the standard Joomla menu, but dynamically change their format when used on a small device.