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Payage is a free Joomla component dedicated to the management of payments and payment gateways.

Payage only deals with payments. It is not a shopping cart or a booking system. Payage is simply the best way for Joomla e‑commerce applications to integrate with payment gateways.

  • Payage supports any number of gateways and any number of applications.
  • It simplifies payment management for business owners.
  • It simplifies application code, making applications more reliable.
  • It simplifies the process of adding and maintaining payment gateways.
  • It simplifies testing and troubleshooting.
  • It generates invoices.
  • It generates comprehensive reports and charts.
  • It has a well documented API.
  • It's free and all the gateway addons are free.

Making Payments with Payage

The Payage component manages payments and payment gateways, but it does not have a front end user interface and cannot initiate payments. To accept payments you also need a Payage application. Les Arbres Design currently has five Payage applications:

  • The Payage Test Component (below) allows you to make test payments but is not suitable for live sites.
  • The Payage Plugin (below) creates simple payment buttons in a Joomla Article or Custom HTML Module.
  • FlexiContact Plus can build complex custom forms for payment of fixed or calculated amounts.
  • MediaShop manages online sales of software and other downloadable media.
  • Rentalot Plus manages online bookings for holiday rental properties.

The Payage Component and the Payage Test Component are free. The other extensions mentioned here are not free.

Payage currently supports the following payment methods:

Payage Stripe Stripe Checkout is a hosted payment page that accepts cards and many other payment methods including iDEAL, Giropay, Bancontact, EPS, Przelewy24, Alipay, SEPA Direct Debit, KLARNA, Sofort, and more.
Payage PayPal
PayPal Checkout allows payment by card or PayPal without leaving your site.
Payage PayPal
An older PayPal integration that redirects users to PayPal for payment. It is still fully supported but new sites should choose PayPal Checkout.
Payage Barclaycard Barclaycard ePDQ Essential is a hosted payment page solution that accepts payment by debit and credit cards.
Payage Mollie Mollie is a popular Dutch payment gateway that accepts cards and many other payment types including iDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort, Bank transfer, Bitcoin, PayPal, and paysafecard.
Payage Opayo Opayo is the new name for SagePay. Opayo is a hosted payment page that accepts cards and PayPal.
Payage Worldpay WorldPay HTML Redirect Integration is a hosted payment page that accepts payment by debit and credit cards.
Payage Authorize.net
Authorize.Net allows payment by card without leaving your site, but it is not PSD2 compliant. This gateway is deprecated.
Payage Offline Payage also supports manual, or "Offline" payments, where the payment process is completed manually. You can use this to implement payment by bank transfer, phone, cheque, or cash.

To install Payage, install the Payage Component first, then whichever gateway addon(s) you require. Please read the user guide for information about setting up Payage, and your specific gateway. The Payage test Component is useful for making test payments when setting up a new system. 


All users should read the Payage User Guide.

The Payage Developer Guide is only of interest to experienced PHP programmers who wish to use Payage to support payments in their own Joomla components, or who wish to build a new gateway addon.

Payage Downloads
Payage supports all versions of Joomla 4, and Joomla 3.7 and above.
Payage Component Version 4.00
Payage Test Component Version 4.00
Payage User Guide Version 4.00
Payage Developer Guide Version 4.00
Payage Gateway Addons
Stripe Gateway for Payage Version 2.01
PayPal Checkout Gateway for Payage Version 1.02
PayPal Standard Gateway for Payage Version 2.01
Offline Gateway for Payage Version 2.00
Mollie Gateway for Payage Version 3.00
Authorize.Net Gateway for Payage Version 2.00
Barclaycard Gateway for Payage Version 2.00
WorldPay Gateway for Payage Version 2.00
Opayo Gateway for Payage Version 3.00
Payage, Old Versions

If you use the extension "Appointment Booking Pro", the latest versions of the Payage Mollie addons won't work. You'll need the older version below.

The discontinued gateways may be of interest to Payage gateway developers.

Old Mollie Gateway for Payage Version 2.06
Discontinued Payage Gateways Version 1.01

The Payage Plugin

The Payage Plugin makes stand-alone payment buttons in a Joomla article. It is NOT REQUIRED for Payage to do its main job of providing payment services for e-commerce applications. The free component and gateway addons are all you need to use Payage with FlexiContact Plus, Rentalot Plus, MediaShop, or any other extension that uses Payage for its payment processing.

The Plugin is small and light and quick to learn, but has limited fields and doesn't send emails. For more flexibility, check out FlexiContact Plus.

There's an example of the Payage Plugin, in form mode, here. Please see the Payage user guide for detailed usage instructions. We offer several different subscriptions for the plugin. All include support.