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FlexiContact Plus makes beautiful, powerful, responsive contact forms.

FlexiContact Plus is an enhanced version of our popular free contact component, FlexiContact.
It has all the features of FlexiContact, and much, much more.

Multiple configurations

Create as many different forms as you want. Everything can be customised for each form. You can even have multiple forms on the same page.

Multiple form styles

Change the entire form style simply by selecting a different one of the supplied CSS files, or make your own.


FlexiContact Plus is fully multi-language. You don't need any additional software to use FlexiContact Plus on a multi-language site.


All FlexiContact Plus forms are responsive. On small screens, labels are positioned above their fields, and inline fields become full width.

No Page Refreshes

FlexiContact Plus uses Ajax so it never re-loads the page. Individual elements of the form are updated without re-drawing the whole page, or even the whole form.

Multiple recipients

Each form can have different recipients. You can also include a "recipient selector" field so that the message is sent to a different address depending on the user's selection.

Form Features

  • Up to 250 fields per form.
  • Numerous field types, including file attachments, advanced validation, and live search.
  • Standard, custom, or animated check boxes and radio buttons.
  • Styling of mandatory and optional fields.
  • Choice of styling for invalid fields.
  • Choice of styling for validated fields.
  • Accordion sliders for organising large or complex forms.
  • Forms can have text above and below, or use the plugin for total flexibility.
  • Popup forms (click here

    Contact Us

    ) in articles, modules, and menus.
  • Agreement required fields, for privacy and other policies.
  • The confirmation page can include data from the form, or redirect to another page.

Spam Protection

  • See the user guide to learn how to configure your forms so that they are both highly professional and completely useless to spammers - without using a captcha.
  • If you insist on a captcha, FlexiContact Plus has hCaptcha, Cloudbase Turnstile, Google ReCaptcha, a distorted text system, our picture choice system, or you can use any compatible Joomla Captcha plugin.
  • Block messages containing specific words.
  • Limit the minimum time between submissions from the same IP address.

Form Styling

FlexiContact Plus comes with a choice of CSS files that produce different form styles. The styles included cover a broad range of styles and sizes, but if you know some CSS you can copy one of the supplied CSS files and customise it to your exact requirements.

Email Customisation

When a form is submitted, FlexiContact Plus sends an 'admin' email, and optionally a 'user' email. Forms can be configured to send an email to the user, or not, or show a checkbox for the user to choose. The two emails do not have to be the same, and usually should not be. You define the exact subject and text of both emails separately. You can, of course, include form data in the text, but having a well-defined structure can make your life a lot easier.


FlexiContact Plus works with any Joomla template. It is not affected by any particular framework that your template may use. It no longer uses Bootstrap and works with or without any version of Bootstrap loaded. It does need a working Javascript environment and jQuery, but works with any version greater than 1.7 so it's very unlikely you will encounter any compatibility issues.

Calculations, and Payments

FlexiContact Plus can do arithmetic calculations on various kinds of form inputs and show the results on the form in real time, so that you can provide custom calculations and pricing to your customers.

FlexiContact Plus also works with Payage, our online payment system, to take online payments via a range of different payment gateways. There are two examples on the demo site, one for a single product with a fixed price, and a more complex example that lets you select the components of a pizza order, and then pay the calculated price. Far more complex applications are possible.

You can fully customise the emails that are sent to both the customer and the site administrator after payment, with different text for successful, failed, and pending payments. Completed forms are logged to the FlexiContact Plus log, and all of the usual external interfaces are available. Full details of all payments are stored in Payage, which also has a range of reports and charts to help you analyse your payments.

Message Logging

Form submissions are logged to the Message Log with lots of information, including the IP address, browser, all of the email addresses used, and the exact text of the emails sent. You can browse, search, and export the message log.

File Uploads

Uploaded files can be attached to the admin email, either individually or zipped. They can also be retained on the server for a set period, and can be viewed and downloaded in the message log.

Logged-in Users

There's an option to suppress captchas for logged in users, and form fields can be pre-filled with the user's name, email address, and any Joomla custom user fields.

Advanced Features

Several external interfaces are supported, including the Joomla onSubmitContact API call, executing a SQL query, writing to a file, or calling some custom PHP code. There are also ways to pull Get and Post variables into hidden or visible form fields so that their values can be included in the emails.

Not Just Contact Forms

With its advanced features and external interfaces, FlexiContact Plus can be adapted to many different applications. For example, a signup form like this one could easily insert email addresses into a database or file, or call an API, and send a thank-you message to the user.


Like all our products, FlexiContact Plus is fully documented in a free PDF user guide, so you never have to wait for answers or search forums. Our user guides are free to download, so you can check it out before you buy. We can't tell you everything about FlexiContact Plus on this page, but the user guide does!

Try it before you buy it

Our Demo Site has many more forms, and, you can login to the back end and experiment with the configuration options.

Purchase and Licensing

FlexiContact Plus is open source, which means you can read and even change the code, if you choose to. One of the implications of that is that we couldn't place any restrictions on its use, even if we wanted to. When you buy our software, you can use it on as many sites as you want, for as long as you want.

There is nothing at all to stop you buying the cheapest option that we offer, and using it forever. In that case, you would only receive updates and support for one year, but the software would continue to work in exactly the same way after that.

Of course we would like you to buy our more expensive options, so we work hard to continually improve FlexiContact Plus with new features and improved user interfaces. You can look at the product Version History to see all the great features that we regularly add, as well as fixes and updates for new versions of Joomla.

Please click the "Buy and Download" button at the top of the page for the purchase options, or to download the free user guide.