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Simple Sliders is a content plugin for Joomla that creates accordion sliders in an article.

You create sliders by including plugin calls like this in your articles:

{slider title="Slider 1 Title" class="blue"}
Slider 1 content.
{slider title="Slider 2 Title" class="red"}
Slider 2 content.
Slider 1 Title

Sliders are a very useful way to organise page content.

Slider 2 Title

Simple Sliders is a tiny plugin that is very easy to use.

We use Simple Sliders on our Contact page, FAQ pages, and elsewhere. We previously used the "Sliders" plugin from Regular Labs but eventually decided to write our own. The calling syntax, visual styling and functionality are broadly compatible with Regular Labs, but Simple Sliders is very "light" by comparison.

Simple SlidersRegular Labs
Installs a single plugin Installs multiple extensions
Installs 5 small files Installs hundreds of files
Supports URL links with slider parameter Supports URL links with slider parameter or #tag
Does not support nested sliders Supports nested sliders
No plugin configuration parameters Many plugin configuration parameters
No Pro version Pro version has many advanced features
No editor button Installs an editor button

The choice is yours. Both products are free!

Simple Sliders works in Joomla 3.10, all versions of Joomla 4, and Joomla 5 with or without the backward compatibility plugin.
Simple Sliders User GuideVersion 2.00
Simple Sliders PluginVersion 2.00