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MediaShop is a solid and reliable solution for selling any kind of files on your Joomla website.

Designed for Reliability

  • MediaShop uses Payage to manage its payments and payment gateways. Payage is our free Joomla component dedicated to the management of payments and payment gateways. MediaShop works with any of the Payage gateways.
  • MediaShop and Payage perform exhaustive transaction checking to prevent fraud.
  • MediaShop and Payage log every detail of any errors or discrepancies so that you can investigate them.
  • MediaShop keeps a detailed log of every event for every transaction. Every time a user visits their download link or downloads a file, MediaShop logs the date, time, filename, file version, and IP address.

Choice of Prices

  • Each product can have up to four different prices - because different customers have different needs and different budgets.
  • Each price option can have a different time period, and a different number of downloads.
  • Selling the same product in different ways helps more customers.

Paid and Free Downloads

  • MediaShop also handles free downloads.
  • Unless you are a big company with a big marketing budget, it's hard to get customers to buy your paid products. You have to offer some free products to build customer confidence. Good free products get customers onto your sales pages.
  • With MediaShop you can easily offer a mixture of free and paid downloads.

Payment Options

  • Capture customer details on your site, or retrieve it from the payment gateway after payment (capabilities vary by gateway).
  • You can have multiple accounts of each type, with different products attached to different (or multiple) accounts.
  • Payage supports PayPal secondary email addresses, so you can use a PayPal email address that suits your site.
  • You can offer discounts for renewals .

Product Pages

  • There are three different product "Views" that are completely controlled by MediaShop.
  • Or you can use the MediaShop Plugin to include "Buy Now" or "Free Download" buttons anywhere in any Joomla article. For example, you can download the MediaShop user guide right here:
    or buy MediaShop (option 1) right here:
  • Product pages can show a single product or a group of products.
  • Product Groups allow you to sell a number of downloads from a group of products. For example you can sell 5 downloads from a group of 100 products. Or 50 downloads from a group of 10. This page is a Group of three products - the free user guide, the component, and the plugin.
  • Product descriptions can include plugins such as photo galleries or media players.

Transaction Administration

  • In the back end you can create, extend, revoke, or refund a transaction.
  • Sometimes you need to extend a customer's download period, or give a customer some extra downloads. That's easy, you just find the transaction using the customer's name, email address, or transaction ID, change the expiry date or number of downloads, and click the Save button.
  • You can also mark a transaction as refunded or revoked, both of which prevent any further downloads via the customer's download link.

Statistics, Reports, and Charts

  • MediaShop collects hit, sales, and download statistics per product per day for both free and non-free products.
  • Reports and charts allows you to view and analyse all of this data in lots of different ways.
  • It's easy to see what works, and what doesn't.

Other Features

  • EU VAT
    MediaShop has five "country modes", including country-specific tax and the reverse charge mechanism for EU B2B sales.
  • PDF Watermarking
    Paid PDF files can be watermarked with text and QR codes with the buyer name, email, transaction ID, etc.
  • Language Support
    MediaShop is fully multi-language. You don't need any additional software to use MediaShop on a multi-language site.
  • Styling
    MediaShop has its own css file, which it loads on all its front end pages. All the page elements have css classes, so if you know css you can style everything to your exact requirements without changing the extension itself. All the buttons used in MediaShop can be configured with text or images. Customer emails are configurable using a template system.
  • Documentation
    Like all our products, MediaShop is fully documented in a pdf user guide. The User Guide explains every detail, from getting started to more advanced usage.
  • Demo Site
    This page and many other pages on this site use MediaShop. There are more examples on the MediaShop demo site, where you can also see the administration functions and experiment with most features of MediaShop.

File Downloads, Not Streaming

MediaShop manages the downloading of files to users' devices. It cannot sell access to streaming media, in other words movies or a live video feed that a user watches directly in the browser as it downloads. The user guide has more information.