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The Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) requires Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for online payments made by European customers. Strong Customer Authentication means that a payment must be authenticated by two out of three things: something you know, like a password, something you own, like your phone, and something you are, like a fingerprint. You can find many more detailed guides on the web. This page shows the PSD2 status of the various payment gateways used by Payage. Here's what we know about the gateways that we support:

PayPal has information about PSD2 and SCA here. It's perfectly clear that hosted solutions are being taken care of by PayPal without any changes required by us or by you.

Stripe Checkout is a hosted payment page solution that is fully PSD2 compliant. Stripe has has information about PSD2 and SCA here.

Legacy Version
The original integration used by Payage (Stripe Checkout Legacy Version) is not PSD2 compliant. If you still use this gateway you should upgrade to the newer "Stripe Checkout" gateway. Upgrading is easy. Please download the latest Payage user guide for more details.
As detailed here, Authorize.net does not support PSD2. Their recommendation is for merchants to migrate to CyberSource. However, as detailed here, CyberSource's small business platform is Authorize.Net. There appears to be no solution so businesses with European customers cannot use this gateway.
Barclaycard has information about PSD2 and SCA here. We haven't found anything specific about the integration used by Payage, "Barclaycard ePDQ Essential", but since it is a hosted payment page, we assume that the payment page logic has been or will be upgraded.
Mollie has information about PSD2 here. Their payment pages are now fully PSD2 compliant.
Opayo has committed to upgrading their gateway to support PSD2 "in a way that minimises the changes our customers need to make".

WorldPay has removed its earlier information about PSD2 and SCA. We assume that, as a hosted solution, the HTML Redirect integration is PSD2 compliant but we have not been able to find any clear information.

WorldPay say here that this solution is "Ideal for small/medium UK-based merchants ...", so we assume it must be PSD2 compliant but we can't find any specific confirmation of that.
We don't think that payments with cryptocurrencies are affected by PSD2.
Manual payments by cash, cheque, or bank transfer are not affected by PSD2.