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When you buy software from us, you receive a 32 character transaction ID (also known as TID or Purchase ID) that looks something like this: 5aac24c19c69e12153568fffeb73cc8e. We also send you your personal download link, which looks something like this:


It's just a page on our site with your TID on the end. You can use this page to download all new releases of the software you bought until the subscription expires. If you lose your TID you can recover it, if you know the email address you used for payment, by going to our Lost Downloads page.

The Joomla Update System

All of our extensions work with the Joomla update system to notify you about new releases. But in order to download paid software, our site needs a valid TID. For our paid components, and paid plugins that work with a free component, you can enter your TID in the About page of the component, in the Purchase ID field. Joomla then adds your TID to its download requests.

Problems with Updating

Obviously, our site cannot allow downloads of paid software without a valid TID. An update can fail if:

  • you did not enter your TID in the About page of the component
  • your TID has expired
  • you have run out of downloads
  • you have renewed your subscription but are trying to download using the expired TID
  • Joomla is using a cached download link without the TID, or with an old TID

When a Joomla update fails to download paid software, you typically see an error message like this:

Unfortunately Joomla does not allow us to control the message that you see, and the best we can do is give an HTTP "403" error code, which we hope provides a clue because it means "access to the requested resource is forbidden". It's a poor substitute for a proper message but it's the best solution available. Of course, the suggestion to "Download it and install manually from ..." won't work for you for the same reason it didn't work for Joomla - the TID is either missing, or there is a problem with it.

If you do encounter a 403 error while updating, there are several things you can do to resolve it:

First of all, make sure you have the correct TID and go to your download page as described above. The download page will show you the status of your transaction, the expiry date, and how many downloads you have left. You can also download the update directly from there and install it manually.

Make sure the correct TID is saved in the About page of the component. Click the Save button, which will re-save the TID to the 'extra_query' column of the 'update_sites' database table, and also refresh the component's About page information.

Go to Joomla Extensions: Update, click the Clear Cache button, then the Find Updates button, then try the update again.

Other Download Errors

We understand that the Kaspersky security software blocks downloading of some of our software, with browsers reporting a "Network Error". The solution is to pause Kaspersky while you download.