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Version 14.02, 10 June 2024
  • Product descriptions on the front end did not use the correct translation in some cases.
  • There are new configuration options for the net and gross columns on the admin transaction list.
Version 14.01, 20 May 2024
  • Quarterly tax report shows totals for each period.
  • Re-organised the financial data on the transaction detail page to make it clearer.
Version 14.00, 25 March 2024
  • This version makes the most extensive changes ever made to MediaShop. Please see the Upgrade Guide and the User Guide for full details. You should backup your database before installing this update.
  • MediaShop can now calculate EU VAT and other country-specific taxes during the checkout process.
  • There's a new report, Tax Collected by Quarter by Country, which provides the information required for EU VAT and other tax returns.
  • There's a new CSS customisation scheme. If you have customised the MediaShop front end CSS, this requires your attention.
  • The product price records now hold a tax rate instead of the tax amounts. Product level taxes are now deprecated.
  • Embedded payment gateway buttons are deprecated. In future all buy buttons will route through the full checkout process.
  • Front end pagination for the product group view, deprecated at version 13, has been removed.
  • We have a new policy of only supporting upgrades from old versions up to (about) ten years old. The oldest version of MediaShop that can currently be upgraded is version 6.0.
Version 13.01, 6 February 2024
  • Fix for a malicious request causing a "Data too long for column" error in the MediaShop System Log.
Version 13.00, 15 December 2023
  • This version works in Joomla 5 without the compatibility plugin.
  • The minimum Joomla version is now 3.10.
  • The alternate CSS file location in the site template directory, deprecated in version 11, is no longer supported.
  • The Email from address and Email from name configuration options have been removed. MediaShop emails now use the default from address and from name configured in Joomla Global Configuration.
  • MediaShop invoices are deprecated and will be removed in a future version. The Payage invoice system is far superior and switching is easy. Please see the Payage user guide for more details.
  • Front end product pagination is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Modern devices and browsers can easily support pages with hundreds of products, and "old fashioned" pagination is no longer appropriate.
  • There is an updated version of the MediaShop plugin (v 6.00) that supports Joomla 5 without the compatibility plugin.
Version 12.05, 25 November 2023
  • Checkout details can now capture the user's VAT/Tax ID.
  • There's a new invoice variable %TAX_ID%.
  • There are now two application specific Payage invoice variables, %APP_DOWNLOADS% and %APP_EXPIRY%.
Version 12.04, 19 October 2023
  • Fixes for compatibility with Joomla 5.
Version 12.03, 5 October 2023
  • Improvements to admin compact mode.
  • The transaction detail page has been re-organised into three tabs with much more space for notes, and the notes fields can now hold up to 16Mb of text.
  • Fix for an error when creating a transaction in the admin interface.
Version 12.02, 5 September 2023
  • You can now configure a Privacy Policy as well as Terms and Conditions. If you configure both, buyers must check both checkboxes before the payment buttons are shown.
  • You can now use the Payage invoice system as an alternative to the MediaShop invoice system. The user guide has more details.
  • There are new email variables for direct links to the MediaShop and Payage invoice request pages.
  • The PDF libraries have been updated to the latest versions.
Version 12.01, 3 August 2023
  • There's a new "Compact mode" option for the Joomla 4 admin interface, which is useful on laptops.
  • Fix for data exporting, to prevent possible import errors in Joomla 4.
  • Fix for "data too long for column 'ua_string'" caused by the baidu search bot.
  • Prevent the notifier from logging PHP deprecation notices.
Version 12.00, 13 June 2023
  • This version makes full use of the responsive payment buttons and multiple button layouts in Payage 3.0. Please see the Payage user guide for full details.
Version 11.07, 22 March 2023
  • Fixed: The download page did not work correctly in recent versions on non-SEF sites.
Version 11.06, 7 March 2023
  • Fixes for deprecation warnings in PHP 8.2.
Version 11.05, 17 February 2023
  • Improved error handling for server to server downloads (e.g. Joomla updates).
  • Minor backend cosmetic improvements for Joomla 4.
  • There is also an updated version of the MediaShop plugin, with some minor code improvements.
Version 11.04, 21 November 2022
  • Transaction records can now have two alternate email addresses added manually. They are searchable in the back end, and the buyer can use them on the Download Link Recovery page.
  • Some improvements to transaction searching in the back end.
  • Bug fix: Old stats records were not deleted according to the configured data retention parameters.
  • Bug fix: In Joomla 4 some of the editor fields on the language tabs did not work correctly.
Version 11.03, 4 October 2022
  • Fixes for warnings in PHP 8.1.
  • The front end CSS file is now not overwritten by a software upgrade. Please see the CSS section of the user guide.
  • There is now a Dutch translation.
Version 11.02, 12 May 2022
  • Price Extra Text has a new option "-", see the latest user guide.
  • Removed the URL view parameter in Joomla 4.
  • Removed inline Javascript on the front end to enable operation with a strict Content Security Policy.
  • Invoice and Read More pages have cleaner URL's.
Version 11.01, 6 January 2022
  • MediaShop can now optionally collect buyer details at checkout including name, phone, and address, enabling MediaShop to be used with any of the Payage gateways.
Version 11.00, 14 December 2021
  • PDF files can now be "watermarked" with information about the buyer.
  • Report date ranges are now selectable using two date pickers instead of the fixed ranges.
  • There's a new line chart showing sales by price option over time.
  • Minor front end CSS changes, eliminating all "clear" properties.
  • Minor HTML5 validation fixes.
  • The "Show transactions up to" setting was not correctly handled when set to zero. It now works as documented.
Version 10.09, 10 November 2021
  • The Joomla onSubmitContact event is now triggered when transactions are manually created in the back end.
  • Defend against "Data too long" errors in Joomla 4 due to it running in Strict Sql Mode.
Version 10.08, 8 September 2021
  • One new plugin call, "info price", see the user guide for details.
  • Three new options (Free products, Paid products, Not for sale) on the product type filter of the admin product list.
Version 10.07, 13 August 2021
  • The download page now uses the "Status text success" as documented in the user guide. Previously it used a combination of two language strings. Please check the configuration of the "Status text success" text. You probably need to change %DOWNLOADS% to %DOWNLOADS_LEFT%.
  • There is a new text variable, %DOWNLOADS_LEFT%, which shows the number of downloads remaining.
Version 10.06, 5 August 2021
  • There is a new configuration option to disallow renewals in advance of "Renewal days before".
Version 10.05, 3 July 2021
  • Fixed: Bottom text was not shown for a free product in the single product view.
  • Fixed: The "Note to Client" was not shown on the download page.
  • Removed the hard coded style="clear:both" from bottom text in several front end views. All views now enclose bottom text in a div element with class="ms_bottom_text".
Version 10.04, 7 June 2021
  • Two new plugin calls, "info name" and "info description", see the user guide for details.
  • There is a new email variable %CUSTOMnn% which can be populated by a plugin, see the user guide for details.
  • There is a new Import-Export page for importing and exporting SQL files, see the user guide for details.
  • Minor front end CSS improvements.
  • The product list page now highlights missing icon files, as well as missing product files.
Version 10.03, 5 May 2021
  • The email test button has been re-instated on the email configuration page.
  • The browser tab title for the transaction list page now includes the transaction count.
  • Better handling of the case where you click on a link to a renewed previous transaction that no longer exists in the system.
Version 10.02, 2 April 2021
  • Fix for download problems with recent versions of Safari.
  • The download link recovery page now shows a single input field that accepts either an email address or a Transaction ID, which should be less confusing for users.
  • The %PRICE% variable is now properly formatted according to the configured currency format.
Version 10.01, 2 March 2021
  • Added an extra user defined product field, a textarea field that allows long text.
  • There's a new pie chart of sales by browser type. Please see the comments in the updated user guide.
  • The transaction list shows an icon if the 'Note to Client' or (new) 'Admin Comment' fields are used.
  • The text configuration page now lets you search the text templates for specified text.
  • The transaction expiry date has been added to the onSubmitContact and the AcyMailing 6+ interfaces.
  • Fixed the purging of old system log entries. It did not work in previous versions.
  • Various fixes for PHP8.
  • Various fixes for Joomla 4 Beta 7.
Version 10.00, 19 January 2021
  • There's a new "External Interfaces" configuration page, and automatic exporting of new users to AcyMailing version 6 and above is now supported.
  • The Https Checkout option has been removed. E-commerce sites should now be configured to use Https on all pages.
  • The system log list now has a filter for the various log types.
  • Further enhancements to minimise the processing of malformed and malicious requests.
  • In the transaction list you can now search by YYYY.
Version 9.05, 10 November 2020
  • Fix for a bug in the (back end) file picker, which allowed folders to be selected as files.
  • The (back end) prices list now has a prices column showing the actual prices.
  • Fix for correct detection of latest Edge browsers.
  • Several important fixes for Joomla 4 Beta 5.
Version 9.04, 11 June 2020
  • There's a new "Access Log" that logs site activity in great detail, per IP address.
  • There's a new plugin call, "log", that logs page visits to the new access log.
  • The show_version and show_icon options have moved from General Configuration to the Download View menu item parameters. They default to off, so if you want them on, you will need to edit the download menu item.
  • The Https Checkout option is deprecated. E-Commerce sites should be fully https.
  • Several fixes for Joomla 4 Beta 1
  • Several fixes for PHP 7.4
Version 9.03, 27 March 2020
  • Added a new parameter, "Strict Parameters", to enable or disable the rejection of malicious download requests. Please see the updated user guide for details.
Version 9.02, 16 March 2020
  • Improved responsiveness of the front end forms (invoice request, link recovery, and renewal).
  • More efficient filtering and rejection of malicious download requests, reducing server load.
Version 9.01, 24 Febuary 2020
  • There was a PHP Warning on the download page in some cases.
Version 9.00, 19 Febuary 2020
  • MediaShop is now fully multi-language. You no longer need Falang to use it on a multilanguage site. Falang is no longer supported for new installations, but will continue to work for existing installations. Multilanguage users please see the user guide for more information.
  • The download link provided to buyers now includes the buyer's language code, and expiry reminder emails are sent in the buyer's language.
  • The transaction expiry date shown on the front end was a fixed format and was not translated correctly on some sites. It now uses the configured date format, and is always translated correctly.
  • There is now a French translation.
  • There is a new config option to call the "onSubmitContact" Joomla event after a sale, for integration with mailing applications.
  • The front-end date format Mon 3 Jan 20 is now Mon 3 Jan 2020.
  • There is one new text variable %SITEURL%.
  • You can now publish and unpublish products directly in the product group list.
  • Several fixes for Joomla 4 alpha 12.
  • The front end views no longer support a top image defined in their menu item. Embed images in top and/or bottom text instead.
Version 8.04, 9 January 2020
  • The Terms and Conditions checkbox did not disable payment buttons for some gateway types. This has been fixed.
Version 8.03, 26 October 2019
  • The product filter was missing from several of the reports in version 8.02.
Version 8.02, 4 October 2019
  • New German translation
  • Fix for the "last 12 months" report date selection, so that it includes all of the last selected month.
  • The product list can now sort by ID.
  • Page title for menu items can now be removed by setting it to "-".
  • The daily stats chart product filter list now includes free products.
  • There is a new General Configuration option to log details of visits to the checkout page in the System Log.
  • When a free download limit is exceeded, the product name is logged, and, if there is an ipinfodb.com API key, the country code is also logged.
  • Cosmetic fixes for Joomla 4 Alpha 11.
  • The installer drops columns from the transaction table that were no longer used since Payage took over payments in April 2014.
Version 8.01, 20 April 2019
  • Fixed an error saving the purchase ID on the About page.
  • Fixed handling of archived products on the product list.
  • Fixes for Joomla 4 Alpha 6.
Version 8.00, 18 December 2018
  • You can now offer subscription renewals, with discounts and time limits.
  • Customer download URL's can now be shortened by using a menu item alias.
  • You can now configure various time periods for data retention and anonymisation.
  • Prices now have additional text, per price option, for terms and conditions that appear on the payment confirmation page.
  • Several fixes for Joomla 4 Alpha 5.
  • You can now place a limit on the number of free downloads per IP address per day.
  • The new System Log page shows all emails sent, and other important system activity.
  • There are some new options for showing price option lists.
  • Free and paid download buttons now have different styles.
  • Image buttons are no longer supported.
  • Numerous cosmetic and other minor improvements.
Version 7.10, 6 March 2018
  • Now supports Joomla 4 (Alpha). The minimum Joomla version is now 3.7.0.
  • Transaction search field options changed - see the latest user guide.
  • Fixed: The reset button did not work on some of the reports.
Version 7.09, 27 February 2018
  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving a new currency format in General Configuration (broken since version 7.07).
Version 7.08, 27 October 2017
  • Fixed a bug that caused a PHP error when editing product group memberships.
  • Transaction searching fixed for some unusual cases.
Version 7.07, 31 August 2017
  • Buyers can now have the option to receive an email one week before their subscription expires.
  • The download page now shows useful information for transactions in any status, as well as allowing the buyer to opt in or out of the expiry reminder email.
  • The Order Status page now allows entry of an email address or a Transaction ID.
  • Transactions now record a text version of the original price terms with each transaction at the time the transaction is created.
  • Three new text templates, "Download manual text", "Download badtid text", and "Email text deivered" (see the user guide for details).
  • Twoe text templates have been removed: "Thanks manual text" and "Pending text".
  • You can now configure a button (the "non-download" button) to be shown in file lists for files that cannot be downloaded until paid for.
  • Product icons can now be selected from any directory and with any name.
  • Image buttons are deprecated in favour of CSS buttons. Existing image buttons still work for now but you should switch to CSS buttons.
  • You can now edit the buyer's first name and email address on the transaction edit page.
  • Two new text variables %OPTION% and %TIME_LEFT%.
  • Deleted the Romanian, Polish and German translations as they had not been updated for a long time.
Version 7.06, 2 June 2017
  • You can now edit the client name on the transaction edit page.
  • Re-coding of deprecated Joomla functions, in preparation for future Joomla versions. The minimum Joomla version required is now 3.4.8.
Version 7.05, 29 December 2016
  • Added the https_checkout option (see the latest user guide).
  • Collection of statistics on visits to the Payment Confirmation page, and inclusion on the daily stats chart.
  • The country code determined from the user's IP address is now stored separately from the country code supplied by the payment gateway.
  • The purchase IP address is also stored separately, in addition to the latest IP address used.
  • The CSS and image files have been moved from the component directory to the /media directory.
  • You can now search for a product by ID on the admin product list page.
  • The validation and error handling on the invoice request form has been improved.
Version 7.04, 7 December 2016
  • Fixed a bug in the install script which caused a SQL error on a new installation.
  • Fix for a PHP Notice error that could occur on some systems with version 7.03.
  • Show the status of expired delivered manual transactions more correctly on the link recovery page.
Version 7.03, 28 November 2016
  • The About page now shows your detailed transaction status and expiry date.
  • Fixed: The plugin did not correctly load the component language file (since 7.00)
Version 7.02, 21 November 2016
  • Fixed: Unable to save General Configuration.
Version 7.01, 14 November 2016
  • The Daily Stats Chart can now filter by sales, downloads and hits.
  • The Purchase ID has moved to the About page.
Version 7.00, 6 November 2016
  • Joomla 2.5 is no longer supported.
  • Support for the Joomla Update Notification System.
  • Version 5.00 of the MediaShop Plugin also supports the Joomla Update System.
Version 6.04, 6 July 2016
  • The "Download Link Recovery" view is renamed to the "Order Status and Download Link Recovery" view, and is greatly enhanced to show more details of transactions in various statuses.
  • There is a new transaction field "note to client", that is shown on the client's download page and on the "Order Status and Download Link Recovery" page. Download pages now show more useful information for Manual, Delivered and Refunded transactions.
Version 6.03, 25 March 2016
  • Failed and cancelled payments now use the configured download page ItemId.
  • Minor cosmetic and html fixes.
Version 6.02, 10 June 2015
  • The plugin can now display download counts.
  • Some minor improvements to handling of payment errors for manual delivery and blocked countries.
Version 6.01, 19 March 2015
  • Fixed: Some of the report date filters did not work properly in version 6.00.
  • The collapsable sidebar in Joomla 3.4 is now supported.
Version 6.00, 18 February 2015
  • You can now block sales to selected countries, or set countries  to "manual delivery". See the latest version of the user guide for full details.
  • You can now configure the columns and filters shown on the admin transaction list
  • There are several new email merge variables
  • Products can now have up to 5 user defined fields.
Version 5.04, 19 December 2014
  • You can now edit the price amounts in a transaction created in the back end.
  • Added a new report, the Country Sales List.
Version 5.03, 4 October 2014
  • Automatic generation of customer invoices
  • Added a new report: Monthly Sales Summary
  • Fixed browser detection for IE11+
  • Toolbar buttons re-ordered to be more consistent with standard Joomla components
Version 5.02, 22 July 2014
  • Fixed the Terms and Conditions feature, broken since version 5.00.
  • Added a 15 minute timeout on the payment confirmation page.
  • Added a Save As Copy button on the product editor.
Version 5.01, 21 April 2014
  • Fixed a bug from version 5.00, that prevented transactions being created in the back end.
Version 5.00, 5 April 2014
  • MediaShop now uses Payage to manage its payments and payment gateways. Payage is our free Joomla component dedicated to the management of payments and payment gateways. If you are upgrading from a previous release of MediaShop you must install Payage before upgrading to this release, and you will need to configure your payment gateway account(s) in Payage as your MediaShop payment accounts will no longer be active.
Version 4.00, 22 January 2014
  • Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 are no longer supported.
  • MooTools is no longer used and no longer loaded.
  • Several new transaction search options.
  • New product type of "Separator".
  • Automatially logs a notes entry if the expiry date or number of downloads are changed by admin.
  • Sends an email to the configured admin email address if a front-end download fails.
  • Can now select a price and price option when creating a transaction in the back end.

Older history has been removed.