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Can I style the front end so that the colours and fonts match my template?
Yes. Rentalot Plus comes with a choice of colour schemes but you can slso create your own CSS file with your own styling.
When a user puts a down payment on a unit, how do they return to make their final payment at a later time?
Each booking has a "My Booking" page that can be used to make further payments. The link can be sent to the client automatically in response to the initial online booking or you can send it manually if you prefer.
Is it possible to charge a fee for using a payment gateway?
Yes. The gateway fee can be a fixed amount or a percentage which can be subject to a minimum and/or maximum amount.
Is it possible to offer an early booking discount?
Yes, you can configure an early booking discount as a fixed amount or as a percentage.
Can I put the Daily Calendar Availability view in an article?
Yes, you can put nearly all the views in either articles or modules using the Rentalot Plus plugin. The plugin gives you full flexible control over how you display your unit availability.
Can a customer make an online booking by promising to pay but without actually paying anything at the time?
Yes, you can configure Payage to accept "offline" payments, which can create provisional bookings. You then set the booking status to "booked" once you receive payment. The Notifier plugin automatically cancels any bookings that remain provisional for more than a (configurable) number of days.
Can I put multiple availability tables on a single page?
Yes, the plugin can do that.
Is it possible to show availability for a property on a page without the property selection list?
Yes. In the availability page menu item parameters, you specify a unit ID. You can leave this set to blank or zero, or you can set a specific Unit ID. If the unit ID is blank or zero and you only have one Unit, Rentalot Plus displays its availability. If the unit ID is blank or zero and you have more than one Unit, Rentalot Plus shows the Unit selector list. If you specify a specific Unit ID, Rentalot Plus displays the availability for that one specific property, without the property selection list.
Is it possible to remove the "Enquire" and "Book Button" from the availability pages?
Yes, they are controlled by parameters in the Rentalot Plus configuration.
On the demo site, the months displayed are not the same for all the properties (units). Why?

The menu parameters specify the start and end dates for the availability shown. However, availability is also controlled by the existence of prices. A price applies to a bookable period for a specific unit. On the demo site, some of the units have prices for certain periods, while others don't.

Can Rentalot Plus be Used to Rent Cars?

Some people are using Rentalot Plus to run small car hire businesses, but it's not good for larger businesses, for two reasons. Firstly, Rentalot Plus books nights, like a hotel. In other words you couldn't book a one-day hire from 9am - 5pm. Rentalot Plus would insist on booking at least one night. Secondly, our "Units" (which can be called anything you want) are unique items. So it works well for villas, mobile homes, houseboats, etc, but it doesn't work for anonymous multiples - like a guest house that has ten rooms where people can just book a room and the system allocates one to them, leaving nine available. But if you have unique vehicles and book a minimum of one night, you can use Rentalot Plus.

I would like to read about a Unit, see its availability and book it all from the same page. Can Rentalot Plus do this?
Most certainly it can. Using the plugin, you can mix and match what you put on a page so you can show the Unit Description, availability and anything else that you wish on the same page. There are several examples on the Demo site.
Can I have multiple administrators each of which can manage only their own units?
No. Rentalot Plus is designed for owners who manage their own properties. It is not designed for multiple owners and lacks many features that would be required to handle that business well.
Can Rentalot Plus create an interactive map?
Yes, Rentalot Plus can draw Google maps showing all your properties, with popup details and links to the booking and enquiry forms.
Can I add a new language that is not currently supported?
Yes, the user guide explains how to add a new language file.
Can Rentalot Plus Synchronise Bookings with External Sites?

Rentalot Plus supports automatic import and export of iCal files, which are a generic file format for exchanging calendar entries. Many booking sites support iCal synchronisation and many users are using it successfully. The iCal mechanism provides limited functionality in that it can only synchronise availability, but in most cases not guest names or other booking details. If or when a better booking synchornisation interface emerges we will be only too happy to support it.