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Simple Tabs is a content plugin for Joomla that creates tabs in an article.

You create tabs by including plugin calls like this in your articles:

{tab title="Tab 1" class="blue"}
Tab 1 content.
{tab title="Tab 2" class="red"}
Tab 2 content.
{tab title="Tab 3" class="green"}
Tab 3 content.
Tab 1
Tab 2
Tab 3

Tabs are a very useful way to organise page content.

Simple Tabs is a tiny plugin that is very easy to use.

You can use tabs anywhere on any page.

The calling syntax, visual styling and functionality are broadly compatible with Regular Labs Tabs, but Simple Tabs is very "light" by comparison.

Simple TabsRegular Labs
Installs a single plugin Installs multiple extensions
Installs 6 small files Installs hundreds of files
Supports nested tabs Supports nested tabs
Supports URL links with tab parameter or #tag Supports URL links with tab parameter or #tag
No plugin configuration parameters Many plugin configuration parameters
No Pro version Pro version has many advanced features
No editor button Installs an editor button

The choice is yours. Both products are free.

Tabs and contents can be styled by adding various classes to the "class" parameter.

Content Colours
Default Open

Simple Tabs comes with the classes blue, green, orange, red, grey, which add a coloured top border to the tab.

The "solid" class fills the tab title background with the selected colour, for example: class="solid blue"

The "color_content" class fills the content area with the selected colour.

For example class="solid color_content orange"

By default, the first tab in each group is open when the page is initially shown, but you can set a different tab to be initially open, using the parameter open="true"

Only one tab per group can be open at a time.

You can create a link to an article page that jumps to, and opens, a specific tab.

To land at this page with this tab open:


or: https://www.lesarbresdesign.info/extensions/simple-tabs#links

You can specify a different link using the alias parameter, for example: alias="t2"

And now the link should be: www.mysite.com/my-article?tab=t2

Browsers don't load IFrame content for IFrames that are invisible when the page loads, but Simple Tabs automatically forces IFrames to load the first time a tab is shown.

Simple Tabs works in Joomla 3.10, all versions of Joomla 4, and Joomla 5 with or without the backward compatibility plugin.
Simple Tabs PluginVersion 2.01
Simple Tabs User GuideVersion 2.00