Les Arbres Web Solutions

When you buy our software, you can use it forever, on as many sites as you like.

The price is not a licence, it is a service fee for a period of upgrades and support. After your update and support period ends you can continue to use the software for as long as you like, but you won't be able to download updates or ask for support.

We regularly improve and enhance our products, so we hope that you will choose to receive updates, but the choice is yours.

Downloads and Upgrade Periods

When you buy our software, you can receive upgrades for a certain length of time, either one, two, or three years. You can visit your personal download link at any time within that time period and download the latest software. To prevent abuse, there are limits to the number of downloads you can receive (see below), but they are higher than you should normally need so you don't need to worry about them. Just don't make your personal download link public.

To help you decide which option to choose, you can check the product's version history to get an idea of how active the product is. Bear in mind that new versions of Joomla sometimes break extensions, requiring an update. Also bear in mind that if you need to talk to us about the extension for any reason, we do tend to pay more attention to users who have demonstrated more support for the product.


All our Joomla extensions are Free Open Source Software. In this context, "free" refers to the freedom to copy and re-use the software, and not to the price of the software. Basically, you are allowed to use it in any way you like, for as long as you like, on as many systems as you like.

We use the GNU General Public License, which gives you legal permission to copy, distribute and/or modify the software. Any developers who try to restrict these freedoms are not complying with the GPL and cannot advertise their extensions on the Joomla Extensions Directory.

The only thing we ask of you is that you do not make our paid works publicly available. That would severely reduce our ability to sell them, which would destroy our incentive to continue to develop and support them. So far, this arrangement appears to be generally understood and respected for Free Open Source Software.

We are allowed to apply copyright to our documentation and to restrict your rights to copy, duplicate, or redistribute it. Please respect the copyright of our documentation.

If You Run Out of Downloads

Our intention is that you can receive all updates within your subscription period. If you run out of downloads due to technical issues just let us know and we will add more downloads to your account. If you run out of downloads and we see downloads to a large number of different IP addresses, we might not give you more downloads. If you have a large number of sites, please download updates to your own computer and install them on your sites manually.

After Expiry

After your subscription expires, the software will continue to work normally, but you will no longer be able to download updates, or even the original software. Please keep a copy of your software and the matching version of the user guide safely in case you need to re-build your site. We do not supply software for expired subscriptions.

Support is for One Site Only

Support only applies for one site per subscription, and for the vast majority of our customers, that seems to work well. If you really require support for multiple sites, please buy multiple subscriptions.

Download Limits

ProductOption 1Option 2Option 3
Eyesite 10 downloads for 1 year 20 downloads for 2 years 50 downloads for 3 years
FlexiContactPlus 50 downloads for 1 year 75 downloads for 2 years 100 downloads for 3 years
MediaShop 20 downloads for 1 year 40 downloads for 2 years 50 downloads for 3 years
Plotalot Plugin 15 downloads for 1 year 30 downloads for 2 years 60 downloads for 3 years
Rentalot Plus 40 downloads for 1 year 50 downloads for 2 years 60 downloads for 3 years
Payage Article Plugin 10 downloads for 1 year 20 downloads for 2 years 40 downloads for 3 years
Simple Responsive Menu Pro 10 downloads for 1 year 20 downloads for 2 years 50 downloads for 3 years