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The Studio

29 April 176 May 17€750,00Yes
6 May 1713 May 17€750,00Yes
13 May 1720 May 17€750,00Yes
20 May 1727 May 17€750,00Yes
27 May 173 June 17€750,00Yes
3 June 1710 June 17€750,00Yes
10 June 1717 June 17€750,00Yes
17 June 1724 June 17€750,00Yes
24 June 171 July 17€750,00Yes
1 July 178 July 17€750,00Prov
8 July 1715 July 17€750,00Prov
15 July 1722 July 17€750,00Prov
22 July 1729 July 17€750,00Prov
29 July 175 August 17€750,00Yes
5 August 1712 August 17€750,00Yes
12 August 1719 August 17€750,00Yes
19 August 1726 August 17€750,00Yes

The columns shown in the availability table are configurable, as are the date formats. You can choose how to display booked periods and periods in the past (with the original price, or with some fixed text, or not shown at all). Each element of the table can be styled using css.

The currency selector is automatically displayed if you configure and publish more than one currency.

The back end of Rentalot is fully multi-currency aware, using a base currency of your choice. Currency rates are automatically updated by the "notifier" - an additional script that you can optionally configure to run each night that also sends you email reminders about arrivals, departures, and payments due.

The Rentalot User Guide explains how to setup the entire system, including how to configure a Cron job on your server to automatically run the notifier every night.

The Palms

Sat June 20Sat June 27€575,00Yes
Sat June 27Sat July 4€575,00Yes
Sat July 4Sat July 11€575,00Yes
Sat July 11Sat July 18€575,00Yes
Sat July 18Sat July 25€575,00Yes
Sat July 25Sat August 1€575,00Yes
Sat August 1Sat August 8€575,00Yes
Sat August 8Sat August 15€575,00Yes
Sat August 15Sat August 22€575,00Yes
Sat August 22Sat August 29€575,00Yes
Sat August 29Sat September 5€575,00Yes
Sat September 5Sat September 12€575,00Yes

The Palms is a medium sized cabin within a complex. Although the complex provides full facilities including a number of restaurants, fitness classes, pool, barbecues for use by guests etc., the cabin itself is independent so you won't be worried by the noise of other guests having fun late at night.

Television, mini-bar and tea-making facilities are available in the cabin. However, if you fancy going out for the night, the nightlife in the local town is only about 10 minutes walk away.

Situated right on the beach, the cabin is within easy walking distance of a number of beachside restaurants offering a large selection of fresh seafood. Fresh fruit abounds and there is nothing like a freshly picked, ripe pineapple to round off a wonderful meal.