Eyesite keeps an eye on your website, alerting you by email if any files are added, changed, or deleted.

Eyesite scans your directory structure, storing the details of every file in a database table. The details stored include the file date/time, size, and md5 checksum of each file. Even the smallest change to a file changes its checksum, so Eyesite can detect any files that are new, changed, or deleted. Every time Eyesite scans the site, if it discovers any changes, it sends you an email with the details, and logs the details in its history table.

Eyesite can't stop your site being hacked, but knowing exactly which files were added, changed or deleted means that you can recover quickly, and with complete confidence that you reversed every change made by the hack.

You can scan your site manually from the admin interface, or buy the plugin to scan your site automatically at regular intervals.

The main status screen of Eyesite tells you which files have been added, changed, or deleted. In manual mode, you can accept or reject changes, which helps you keep track of changes that you have reviewed and changes you haven't reviewed. In automatic mode, you don't have to do anything at all - Eyesite simply maintains a detailed history of all changes to files on your website with no manual intervention required at all. In either case you can always look back through the history to see which files changed and when.

The History page shows the history of all past scans and administrative actions.

The History Detail page shows which actually files changed.

You can work your way back through a complete history of every change to every file on your site.

Eyesite is multi-language, but the translations need updating. Polish

The Eyesite Plugin

You can use the free component to scan your site as often as you want. The Eyesite plugin allows you to scan your site automatically at regular intervals. We offer several different prices for the plugin, depending on how long you want to be able to download updates for, and whether or not you need support.

Select an option:
Latest Eyesite Versions
These versions require at least Joomla 3.1.1
Eyesite User Guide Version 5.00
Eyesite Component Version 5.01
Eyesite Plugin Version 5.00
Old Eyesite Versions
We are no longer developing for Joomla 2.5 but will make these old versions available until the end of 2017.
Please note that we no longer offer any support for Joomla 2.5.
Eyesite User Guide Version 3.10
Eyesite Component Version 3.10
Eyesite Plugin Version 3.00.02